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Concrete Pole Production Line Concrete Pole Production Line Concrete Pole Production Line
Concrete Pole Production Line Concrete Pole Production Line Concrete Pole Production Line

Concrete Pole Production Line

The concrete pole production line refers to the production line of concrete poles, which consists of spinning machine, cement pole molds, concrete feeders, concrete mixing stations, steam boilers, prestressing equipment, cranes, steel bar fixed-length cutting machines and other equipment. It is a complete production line for the client who wants to produce the concrete pole for sale.

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What is concrete pole making machine?

Concrete Pole Production Line: A concrete pole making machine is an essential component in the manufacturing of prestressed concrete electrical poles, crucial for the power supply system. These concrete poles are a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, serving as vital infrastructure. In regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and various countries in Africa, the demand for high-quality concrete poles is on the rise, aligning with the development and progress of these areas. The utilization of a concrete pole making machine is pivotal in meeting the increasing requirements and ensuring the reliable supply of power to support economic growth and societal needs.

Working procedure of a concrete pole making plant

In order to solve this problem, HAMAC provide you with a complete solution as below:

Concrete Pole Production Line

Concrete Pole Plant Works In Bangladesh

  • 1. Prepare the necessary material such as concrete, steel bar. The steel bar shall be good quality for strong resistance, the electric concrete pole is prestressed type;
  • 2. To make the steel bar with correct length after it is processed to straight. For most of the clients, they need prestressed concrete pole, the steel bar should be processed in advance;
  • 3. Put the steel bar into the concrete pole mold, and to bind the straight bar and ring bar to be a support frame;

Pre-Stressed Steel Wire And Then Make

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4. Pour the concrete into the concrete pole mould, then close the two parts mould as a complete part and to fix them tightly with bolts;

5. Put the mold with concrete on the centrifugal machine, or spinning machine and rotate at a high speed, to make sure all the concrete stick on the mold wall;

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Concrete Pole Making Plant In China

6. Take if from the centrifugal machine and put it into the steam pool to expedite concrete solidification. After this step, the concrete will be solidified at 95% percentage;

7. Take out the mould and put the concrete pole at the stock place;For detailed information and solution, please contact us and consult our professional engineers.

What is the concrete pole making machine price?

If you want to build a prestressed concrete pole production line, you have to collect the necessary information.

  1. 1. What project the concrete pole will be used? Power pole or communication pole?
  2. 2. The drawing of concrete pole of local standard. It must be a general standard for all the poles in an area. You have to know the length of the prestressed pole, diameter of the two ends;
  3. 3. How many pieces pole you want to produce per hour?
  4. 4. Which way you will use to make the concrete pole become dry quickly? Normally speaking, most of the clients will use a steam pool to speed up the drying process, so a boiler will be used in a concrete pole production line;

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Concrete pole making machine manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of prestressed concrete pole making machine, HAMAC exported the concrete pole making machine to many countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Ethiopia etc.

We can provide you with a full solution for the concrete pole plant. Welcome to contact us if you have the plan to invest on a concrete pole making plant.
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Concrete Pole Production Line Goods Delivery

Based on good quality and decades of experience, the Concrete Pole Production Line which is manufactured by HAMAC was exported to different countries. The Concrete Pole Production Line will be packed and loaded in our factory, and then be shipped to our clients safe and sound.
Concrete Pole Production Line shipping pictures

Concrete Pole Production Line Specification

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