Concrete Line Pump Concrete Line Pump Concrete Line Pump
Concrete Line Pump Concrete Line Pump Concrete Line Pump

Concrete Line Pump

This type of concrete pump is mounted on a truck, and it is commonly referred to as a line pump or truck-mounted concrete pump. It can move to different jobsites by itself, not like a trailer concrete pump, there must be a device to tow it. For this truck-mounted concrete pump, it can move by itself. It is faster and more convenient than the trailer concrete pump.

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Brief introduction of concrete line city pump

Compared with common trailer concrete pump, this concrete line pump is with high pressure hydraulic system and big motor power diesel engine. It can pump concrete to longer horizontal distance and higher height. The truck-mounted concrete pump integrates the advantages of trailer concrete pump and truck-mounted concrete boom pump. It is more flexible than the trailer concrete pump, and does not need to be transported, loaded and unloaded, installed and fixed. The equipment is suitable for small batches, multiple construction sites, narrow construction sites and ready-to-go conditions.
Concrete Line Pump

Features of HAMAC truck-mounted concrete pump:

  • 1. The FAW chassis is mainly used, which has strong versatility, convenient maintenance and long service life;
  • 2. The 4 hydraulic outriggers are independently controlled to effectively ensure the stability of the truck during operation;
  • 3. Most parts of the pumping system can be interchanged with trailer concrete pumps and truck-mounted concrete pump;
  • 4. It can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine according to user requirements. Our standard configuration is Dachai Deutz;

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Why choose HAMAC concrete line pump for sale?

Power system:
Using Volvo/Deutz and Lovol diesel engines;
Main oil pump:
Germany Harvey/Rexroth/Japan Kawasaki series. The variable plunger pump is used to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the system, and the overpressure relief function is provided to effectively protect the main pump and diesel engine.
HAMAC truck-mounted concrete pump adopts the domestic leading quality FAW chassis, it owns after-sale service in different countries;
High technology for concrete sucking:
The optimized inner wall of the hopper is smooth and does not accumulate concrete, with the smooth transition of the S pipe, and the precise blade angle, so that the concrete can be sucked into the concrete cylinder to the maximum extent, improving the material suction efficiency to 90% above.
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Larger concrete cylinder:
The diameter of the conveying cylinder is increased to 230mm, which reduces the number of reciprocating wear of the piston and prolongs the service life of the piston. The large-diameter conveying cylinder is used with the optimized hopper device to maximize the actual efficiency of pumping concrete.
High and low pressure automatic switching technology:
highly integrated large flow automatic reversing device, the energy loss is the least, the switching between high pressure transmission and low pressure transmission only needs to be easily one-click, no penetration, no pollution.
Hydraulic hose joints:
The hydraulic hose joints are made of American Eaton products to ensure the safety of the hydraulic system and no leakage.
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Large oil cylinder seals:
The large oil cylinder seals are made of American Parker products.
The radiator adopts a plate-fin air-cooled radiator to ensure that the system works at the highest temperature allowed.
S-pipe valve:
The S-pipe valve is made of high-manganese steel as a whole, and the wear-resistant surface is surfacing with anti-wear materials, which has the dual advantages of high pressure resistance and wear resistance.
Glasses plate, cutting ring:
Glasses plate, cutting ring are made of hard alloy inlay, durable.
The piston is precision machined from imported materials, with excellent quality of hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
In the overall layout, space is reserved for maintenance and replacement, which provides convenience for the maintenance of other components.
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Truck mounted concrete line pump manufacturers

There are several concrete line pump manufacturers in China market, the most famous two of them are SANY and ZOOMLION. These two manufacturers are the most popular brands for concrete pumping in China.

Exclude them, there are also other manufacturers who can provide you with high quality concrete line pump for concrete. HAMAC is one of them. HAMAC are professional on the concrete pumping machines for more than 20 years as well. Our concrete pump machine is of high quality and at reasonable price
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How to choose the suitable concrete pump machine?

When you want to choose a suitable ready mixer pump for your projects, there are several factors should be considered as below:

  • 1. If for horizontal pumping only, the trailer mounted concrete pump and truck mounted concrete pump are ideal pumping machine;
  • 2. If for vertical pumping, concrete pump truck with boom is the ideal one, no need to prepare the pipes, but the height is limited because of its boom length. The stationary concrete pump for sale and concrete line pump for sale can do this as well but it will take time to prepare the pipe;
  • 3. You should consider the capacity. If 20-90m³/h, you can consider the trailer concrete pump for sale; if more than 90m³/h, concrete boom pump truck is a better choice;
  • 4. Mobility,the pump truck for sale is the one easily to be moved;
  • 5. Price of different concrete pumping machine for sale. The pumpcrete truck is the most expensive, the second one is truck mounted concrete pump, the cheapest one is trailer concrete pump for sale;
  • 6. Emission. For the trailer concrete pump, because it is non-road machine, no need to consider the emission standard for the diesel engine. For the other two concrete pumping machines, because they are truck mounted, so you have to consider the emission of diesel engine of the truck chassis;

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There are many actual factors needs to be considered, if you need more support, you can contact HAMAC Machinery Co., Ltd for more useful advice for the concrete pumpcrete for sale in the Philippines.

Concrete Line Pump Goods Delivery

Based on good quality and decades of experience, the Concrete Line Pump which is manufactured by HAMAC was exported to different countries. The Concrete Line Pump will be packed and loaded in our factory, and then be shipped to our clients safe and sound.
Concrete Line Pump

Concrete Line Pump Specification

Driving SystemChassis BrandFOTON DAIMLER, Left Drive
Chassis ModelBJ1113VFPHG-RA
Fuel TypeDiesel
Displacement Standard Euro III
Tyre Model8.25R20
Axle BaseM5.0
Quantity Of Axles2
Max. Driving SpeedKm/H90
Front Wheel BaseMm1900
Back Wheel BaseMm1800
Min. Turning RadiusM9
Pumping SystemBrand Of Diesel EngineDEUTZ Brand
Diesel Engine ModelBF6M1013-25T3R
Diesel Engine PowerKW186
Driving ModeHydraulic Driving
Oil Cylinder Inner Diameter × StrokeMmФ180×Ф125×1800
Concrete Cylinder Inner Diameter × StrokeMmФ230×1800
Oil Pressure Of SystemMPa32
Switch Of H-Pressure And L-PressureEquipped
Fuel Tank CapacityL290
Oil Tank CapacityL600
Cooling Mode Of Hydraulic SystemFan Cooling
Max. Theoretical CapacityM3/HH-Pressure55
Pumping Distance (H-Pressure)Max. HorizontalM125A Pipe880
Max. VerticalM125A Pipe220
Hopper CapacityM30.6
Feeding HeightMm≤1500
Concrete SlumpCm14~23
Max. Aggregate DiameterMmCrushed Stone: 40 / Pebble: 50
ValveS Valve
Water Pump For CleaningEquipped
Concrete Pipe Cleaning ModeWater Cleaning
Water Tank CapacityL400
Lubrication ModeAutomatic
Overall DimensionLength (Mm)*Width (Mm)*Height (Mm)Mm9195*2458*2623
Full-Load Total WeightKg13500

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