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What is the concrete hollow block size in the Philippines

Last Updated: 2023-10-26

General Data Report Of

What is the concrete hollow block size in the Philippines? The block machine can be universally used for the manufacturing of pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, hollow blocks, and similar elements. There are always some clients consulted for more detailed information on the working area for the concrete block production line. Here, we take QT4-15 concrete brick making machine as an example to explain the factors you have to consider before purchasing.

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Area of workshop (Including main workshop, curing Area, and batching and mixing plant)1010(325+575+110)m2
The area of stock yard for cured blocks
(Based on the capacity of 30 days, two shifts one day)
The area of stock yard for raw materials (Based on two shifts/day)200m2
Quantity request of pallets at least1500pieces
Total power request for the production line100KW
Total water consumption for the production2m3/h
Basic Formula for CHBCement15%
Or with other raw materials


How much is 1 bag of cement in the Philippines?

CEMENTFlat Latex – P375 – 450
One bag (40Kg) – P250-270Gloss – P560 – 620
Semi Gloss – P540 – 610
STEEL PriceEnamel – P480 – 630

What is included in a concrete hollow block production line?

A complete concrete hollow block production line comprises several vital components to ensure efficient manufacturing. These include:

Aggregate Batching Machine: This machine accurately measures and combines aggregates like sand, gravel, and cement to create the concrete mixture.

Concrete Mixer: Essential for thorough mixing, options include JS twin-shaft concrete mixers, JQ pan mixers, or planetary concrete mixers.

Concrete Block Making Machine: This machine shapes and molds the concrete into hollow blocks or pavers.

Automatic Stacker: It neatly stacks freshly produced blocks for easy storage and transport.

Pallet Feeding Machine: This ensures a continuous supply of pallets for block formation and stacking.

Modern production lines may offer additional features like curing systems and quality control. These lines are becoming increasingly automated and computer-controlled, enhancing productivity and maintaining consistent quality to meet the demands of the construction industry.”

I hope this is more concise and to the point.

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Application Cases

The concrete block production line is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the concrete block making machine to different countries. You can compare the difference between stationary type and mobile type and choose the one which is suitable for you.

  • Mobile type, also name egg-laying concrete block making machine, it can be moved all the time, and the block is produced on the ground, no need the pallet. It is suitable for some small factories with big working areas;
  • Stationary type, it is suitable for medium and big scale concrete block factory. Its capacity is much higher, so you need the pallet to take the concrete block to the curing area to stock them;

    Tips you need to consider before purchasing the concrete block machine

    If you want to invest on the concrete hollow block business, there are several factors needs to be considered before purchasing,

    • Your budget, it is the most important factor needs to be considered;
    • What is the most popular block size, brick size or paver size in your local market?
    • How many pcs block or brick you want to produce per day or per hour?
    • How many workers you want to employ?
    • Do you have enough land to arrange the concrete block machine there?

    You can also contact our HAMAC expert for professional consultation. We will consider your budget and actual market condition together and then recommend you a suitable concrete hollow block production line.

    Manufacturer of CHB machine

    HAMAC is the most experienced Chinese company that manufactures the concrete hollow block machine, also named CHB machine. HAMAC owns more than 25 years concrete hollow block machine experience. We exported many concrete hollow block machine to all over the world for some big group company and got good feedback from them.


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